Because Botox has become a household name and a normal part of many people’s skincare regimen, it’s easy to forget that the cosmetic injectable is a medical product regulated by the FDA.

Accordingly, some women and men decide to price-shop injections and end up receiving fraudulent Botox.

Fortunately, it is possible to protect yourself from counterfeit Botox and ensure that you have a safe and effective treatment.

Continue reading to learn the precautions you can take and how to spot fake Botox.

Who Are FDA-Approved Distributors of Botox?

It’s important to confirm that you are being treated with an FDA-approved neurotoxin and not one that’s unregulated and imported from China or Mexico.

With that being said, the FDA not only grants clearance for products to be used for specific indications, it also approves certain distributors for the sale of said product.

Allergan is an FDA-approved distributor for Botox; Galderma is an FDA-approved distributor for Dysport; Merz is an FDA-approved distributor for Xeomin.

How to Spot Fake Botox?

There are several ways that patients can avoid being treated with a counterfeit product. Here are five tips for how to spot fake Botox.

  1. Always seek Botox injections from a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Avoid non-core physicians, like dentists or gynecologists, who aren’t specifically trained in this area of medicine.
  2. Keep away from Botox parties or undergoing injections in a non-medical setting, like a spa or nail salon.
  3. Inquire about how the injector gets his/her product and from which FDA-approved distributor listed above.
  4. Inspect the Botox packaging. Because Botox arrives in a powder form and is reconstituted before injection, many patients never examine the bottle or box.

So, what should you look for? Each vial of Botox has a hologram in the front to protect from counterfeiting. The lot number on the bottle should also match the lot number on the box.

Fake Botox would likely be missing one or both of these features.

Want to Get Started with Botox?

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