Custom Fit 3D Contouring

Whether due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, natural aging, or genetics, non-invasive body contouring can help women and men sculpt their physiques and improve their confidence.

Although people may assume that body contouring only addresses unwanted fat, it’s actually an extremely diverse and highly-customizable treatment. In fact, it can include skin tightening, fat removal, and muscle building and may involve 1 or more procedures.

If you have been unable to achieve your body goals through diet and exercise alone, you may wish to consider Custom Fit 3D Contouring.

Here’s what you need to know about customizing your body contouring experience.

Customizing Treatments

In developing your Custom Fit 3D Contouring treatment plan at DC Derm Docs, our seasoned team of providers will carefully listen to your concerns and assess trouble spots.

Identifying potential treatment sites is an essential part of the consultation process, as it often dictates the type of procedure and device that may be able to produce best clinical outcomes.

Accordingly, while certain treatment options may be indicated for use on the abdomen and flanks, others may be better-suited for inner and outer thighs or buttocks.

Customizing Devices

In addition to selecting the body parts that you would like to treat, it’s also important to express the specific concerns that you may have about these areas.

For instance, women and men that are mostly bothered by diet and exercise resistant fat on their abdomen and thighs may wish to undergo Vanquish body contouring.

However, if you’re frustrated with love handles (also known as flanks) SculpSure may be an excellent solution.

On the other hand, Emsculpt may be your treatment of choice if you want to build muscle and tone, strengthen, and firm your buttocks and abdomen.

Finally, Exilis offers women and men a way to tighten loose skin and target fat and may be used on its own or in combination with other body contouring treatments.

In fact, Custom Fit 3D Contouring often utilizes a number of different devices to comprehensively address your concerns and help you achieve a well-balanced and attractive appearance.

Customizing Expectations

Each patient is unique, and your customized treatment plan will include anticipated results as they pertain to your individual characteristics, needs, and goals.

Your provider will thoroughly explain expected outcomes to help you make an informed decision and manage your expectations.

How Much Does Custom Fit 3D Contouring Cost?

The cost of Custom Fit 3D Contouring is highly variable and depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of recommended treatments
  • Type of body contouring procedure and device being used
  • How many areas are being treated
  • Time required for each procedure

This pricing information will also be outlined in your customized treatment plan, and you will have the opportunity to learn about accepted methods of payment.

If you want to improve the way that you look and feel with Custom Fit 3D Contouring, please call DC Derm Docs today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.