Acne Silk Peel Treatment in Washington DC

Acne Silk Peels Treatment in Washington DC

Acne Silk Peels are a breakthrough system used to treat blemished, acne-prone skin. Silk Peels are an alternative to typical Microdermabrasion techniques, which are considered “dry”, and use crystals to exfoliate the skin. Though effective, some patients with sensitive or dehydrated skin find the process too harsh. SilkPeel® Pore Clarifying Therapy is a revolutionary procedure that combines exfoliation with infusion using special “Dermalinfusion” technology. The small, “vacuum-like” tool has a diamond-tipped treatment head that simultaneously exfoliates the skin and infuses it with a topical solution. This solution hydrates and soothes, giving your skin a refreshed, glowing appearance.

Silk Peels allows for a thorough treatment of acne by not just applying a cream or ointment solution to the surface, but breaking through clogged pores and fighting acne at the source. The specially designed treatment head stimulates new cell growth and targets more than just acne; wrinkles, sun damage, splotchy skin tone, and rough or dry skin are also improved.

The procedure itself usually takes no more than 20 minutes with only slight discomfort and zero recovery time. Patients are free to go about their day after their Acne Silk Peel, which is safe for all skin types. Results are reported in as soon as a week after the first treatment (though anywhere from 4-6 treatments is recommended for best results) with as much as a 50%-85% reduction in visible acne. SilkPeel® Pore Clarifying Therapy works to revitalize your skin and can be used in conjunction with any other skin care products or home solutions. *Individual results may vary.