Ear Piercing in Washington, D.C.

Medical Ear Piercing
Have your ears pierced by a true medical professional. Ear piercing is a common, low-risk procedure when performed in a clean environment where there is no risk of infection. Our ear piercing services are available to patients starting at six months old.

Benefits of Medical Ear Piercing

We provide medical ear piercing services performed by experienced dermatologists in a safe and sterile environment. It is important for ear piercing to occur in a clean environment to ensure there is no risk of complications from infection.

Perfect for Allergy Sensitivities

Nickel allergy is a contact allergy commonly discovered when a people experience irritation from earrings. We believe in using high quality earrings to protect  patients from these sensitivities. We source all of our earrings from Blomdahl, a medical beauty supplier with hypoallergenic earrings that don’t skimp on style.

Earring Options
We provide Blomdahl earrings and offer both gold and silver studs which are available with or without a crystal. The posts themselves are Titanium, which guarantees protection from nickel allergies. Blomdahl earrings are available exclusively to physicians.

ear piercing in Washington DC