Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Re:Store® DUAL

Superior Results, Reduced Downtime

*Individual results may vary.

Fraxel re:store® Dual Wavelength System-the most innovative advanced laser ever made for cosmetic procedures. This latest technology has combined two lasers in one. The original 1550 laser has been used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. Now a second laser, the 1927, offers even more benefits. It targets skin issues such as brown spots, freckles, and melasma (often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” caused by hormones). The 1927 can safely be used on the face, neck, chest and even the hands and arms.

This new technology offers the following advantages:

    • More comfortable for the patient. Now, only topical anesthesia is needed.


    • Safe for all skin types and all body surfaces.


    • Covers larger surfaces and can be used on multiple areas.


    • Reduced number of treatments to achieve desired results.


    • Delivers superior results with faster treatment and reduced downtime.

How a Fraxel® DUAL Laser Works

The Fraxel® DUAL laser is a non-ablative fractional laser used for skin resurfacing. A fractional laser that actively treats every area of the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.
It optimally treats a “fraction” of your skin, allowing you to heal much quicker.

The laser targets aging and damaged skin by producing thousands of deep microscopic treatment zones.

Ages skin or older skin, can pigment epidermal skin cells that are eliminated, the laser applies heat deep into the dermis to tight skin and stimulate collagen production.
Fraxel laser can help you achieve healthier, tighter skin!

Skin Treatments with a Fraxel® DUAL Laser

Skincare professionals use this specific laser to resurface the skin and treat aesthetic skin concerns, including uneven skin tone or changes in pigmentation, acne or surgical scars, sun damage, stretch marks, and lines and wrinkles

*Individual results may vary.