Liquid Facelift Treatment in Washington DC

Liquid Facelift

Noting a skyrocketing demand for last-minute makeover treatments, Dr. Dale Isaacson and Dr. Marilyn Berzin have perfected the art of the Injectable Facelift. It’s the ideal solution for busy patients looking for quick results without surgery. *Individual results may vary.

*Individual results may vary.

Gently using needles, the doctors ease various safe and effective wrinkle fighters under the skin, smoothing out lines and adding volume to folds around the eyes, nose and mouth. The procedure can take as little as 30 minutes, with fast results that last for up to a year. For most patients, there’s little to no downtime. *Individual results may vary.

Dr. Isaacson says the treatments are ideal for people looking for impressive results at the last minute. “People can come in just before a big event, like a wedding or party, and remove 10 years in 30 minutes,” he says. Dr. Marilyn Berzin adds, “This is Washington, DC, where people lead very busy lives. It’s natural for patients to deal with work and other pressures, but put off taking care of themselves. We can help them, even against deadlines.” *Individual results may vary.

The injectable facelift is perfect for patients:

  • Preparing for major events, like weddings, anniversaries and social get togethers.
  • Not ready or interested in invasive surgical procedures.
  • Patients interested in freshening up their look.