Have you decided 2021 is your year to finally say goodbye to painful waxes? Razor burn? Chemical creams? Or whatever other hair removal methods you use?

You’ve made the right choice! If you’re ready to be hair free before it’s time to dust off your summer clothes, then it’s time to choose where to go for your laser hair removal (LHR).

Finding the best full body laser hair removal near me is pretty simple if you’re in or near Washington, DC. It’s DC Derm Docs! Here’s why.

  • Choose Us for the Best Full Body Laser Hair Removal Near Me Because Our Doctors Specialize in Cosmetic Dermatology

Who better to treat your skin than a skin doctor? As trusted dermatologists, Dr. Dale Isaacson and Dr. Marilyn Berzin offer the latest in cosmetic and general dermatology. Specializing in rejuvenation, they are dedicated to helping your skin look and feel its absolute best through services such as LHR, Botox and fillers, Emsculpt, and many other treatments.

  • Also, Our Laser Physicians Are Award Winning

Both Dr. Isaacson and Dr. Berzin have been named by Washingtonian magazine as Top Doctors, a prestigious award in which doctors are chosen by their peers and recognized as top medical professionals.

  • We Utilize the Cutting-Edge Lumenis LightSheer INFINITY Laser

Talk about state-of-the-art lasers, this is the best of the best! It can treat your full body in about 75% of the time that other lasers take. It works at a quick pace on all skin types and tones. Previously, only people with lighter skin benefited from laser hair removal. But darker skin tones experience amazing results with the INFINITY laser!

Need more reasons to choose DC Derm Docs for the best full body laser hair removal near me? Come in for a complimentary consultation, and you’ll see why we’re the clear choice! Our friendly staff, comfortable office, and latest in cosmetic treatments set us apart. Contact us today at 202-822-9591 to book your free consultation for full body laser hair removal, and you’ll be hairless by the time to put away the winter coat!

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