Travel can wreak havoc on skin and cause discomfort. Our travel tips from last week’s blog post will help you once you’ve reached your destination, but what about the journey there? Whether you’re traveling via train, plane, or automobile (but really just by plane), your skin is always at risk of inflammation and irritation.

Travel conditions are not always ideal, so here is a list of tips to make your trip easier on you, your skin, and your peace of mind!


The night before you travel, be sure to moisturize your skin – especially your face. Don’t be afraid to get a little liberal with the application; in this situation, the more moisturizer the merrier! Cabin pressure from a plane can dehydrate your skin and cause it to get flaky.

On the day of your trip, avoid foundation or other make up that can clog your skin. Try a moisturizer or, if you must cover up, a BB cream, to keep your skin moisturized and breathable. Once you board the plane, wipe off any makeup and apply face lotion.

Also, amp up your hydration in the days before your trip. Staying physically hydrated will assist your moisturizer in preventing your skin from drying up.

En Route

If you’re in for a long flight (3+ hours), it is a good idea to pack a travel sized moisturizer in your carry on. As previously mentioned, the planes cabin pressure can dehydrate your skin. If you feel your skin getting dry, don’t be afraid to apply some moisturizer while in the air. Replenishing your skin’s moisture will help you conquer that dryness and continue to feel fresh.

On the other hand, if you feel your skin getting oily while in the air, take care of it right away with oil absorbing sheets. The cabin pressure can cause oily skin to overcompensate and cause sudden breakouts. Eliminate that possibility and absorb oil as needed.

If you feel yourself getting sleepy while 35,000 feet up, treat yourself to a nap. Skin repairs itself when in a sleep state, so watch the inside of your eyelids instead of the in-flight movie.

To combat under-eye puffiness when you wake up, ask the flight attendant for ice and a napkin. Put the ice in the napkin and hold it under your eyes for about a minute each. This will reduce bags and keep you looking fresh when you land.

During your time at the airport and in the air, definitely try to avoid touching your face. You never know what your hands can encounter in airports and on planes, and you do not want to transfer that to your skin. Keep your hands away from your face just to be safe, and be sure to wash them!

Post-Plane Care

Prepare for your destination! If you know the place you are traveling to is warmer than home, pack accordingly. More humid climates will make your skin produce more oil than normal, so always have oil absorbing sheets handy. Drier environments call for even more moisturizer – for both your face and your lips. Your skin may still be dry for the first few days after you land. Help your skin by moisturizing a little extra in the days following your flight.  A medicated lip balm is a nice way to keep your lips protected from the sun and avoid cracks from drying out.

Drink plenty of water, look your best and have fun on your vacation!