Under-eye filler is quickly becoming a favorite for patients looking to brighten and rejuvenate the area under the eyes for a more youthful look.

The question is, which is the best filler for the job? Here’s what the best under-eye filler doctor in Washington, DC recommends to get the best results!

Why Should I Get Under-Eye Filler?

Under-eye filler, or tear trough filler, is injected into the groove between your lower eyelid and upper cheek. This area is prone to having a shadowy look, resulting in dark circles and a tired appearance, not to mention it’s a hotspot for fine lines.

Under-eye filler is used to correct these concerns, filling the area with dermal filler injections to brighten and smooth the area.

Is Tear Trough Filler Safe?

Yes, it is considered safe when administered by a board-certified and experienced aesthetic injector. However, you should know that all cosmetic procedures come with at least some risk. It’s simply the nature of the beast. This shouldn’t deter you from undergoing these procedures however; you just need to be aware of your risks and choose an injector who will minimize the chance of complications.

Currently, there is only one FDA-approved dermal filler for use around the eyes, Juvéderm Volbella. This doesn’t mean it comes without risk or that it’s safer than other fillers but that it’s been studied enough to receive FDA approval.

FDA approval doesn’t necessarily suggest its safety or lack thereof though, and choosing the right injector is key to reducing your risk of side effects.

Dermal fillers in general aren’t without side effects, either. These are temporary, and usually only involve swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness.

What Are the Top Dermal Fillers for Tear Troughs Recommended for This Treatment?

There are many types of dermal filler available, which can make finding the right under-eye filler for you a little confusing. It’s, for the most part, agreed upon that dermal fillers with a hyaluronic acid (HA) base are the safest and most effective for this type of treatment.

HA is a naturally occuring substance in the body that’s responsible for keeping your skin plump and hydrated, which is why it’s used so commonly in dermal fillers to fill in sunken areas like the tear trough.

The most popular brands for under-eye filler include Belotero, Restylane, and Juvéderm. Each one of these brands uses hyaluronic acid and has a family of products that all have their own unique advantages.

How Do I Know Which One Is Right for Me?

You won’t know which under-eye filler is right for you until you consult with a skilled injector. Each person responds to dermal fillers differently.

Your aesthetic injector will determine which dermal filler is right for you based on your previous history with fillers and the aesthetic concerns you have, as well as by assessing the current condition of your tear trough area.

Even if under-eye filler isn’t on the table for you for whatever reason, there are many other skin treatments available that can safely rejuvenate this particular area.

Where Can I Find the Best Under-Eye Filler Doctor in Washington, DC?

DC Derm Docs is proud to offer a variety of dermal fillers, regardless of whether you’re trying to brighten your under-eye area, plump up your lips, enhance your overall facial contour, or all of the above! We specialize in safe treatments that are expertly administered by our team of professionals.

Call us today at 202-822-9591 to schedule your appointment with the best under-eye filler doctor in Washington, DC! We have several board-certified physicians to choose from, and we can’t wait to be a part of your cosmetic care team!

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