Smokers’ Skin may age Faster than Non-Smokers’ Skin

If the risk of cancer, heart attacks or strokes is not enough to deter you from smoking, the damage it does to your skin should be. A recent study involving twins showed the twin who smoked for a longer period of time looked 57% older than the other twin. In this study, both twins smoked; however, the twin who looked older, smoked for more consecutive years than the other twin.

The study, conducted by Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland, showed three qualified judges photographs of twins, one smoker and one non smoker, and asked them to rank each individual’s wrinkles. Based on the scores, those who smoked looked older.

According to findings published in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, smokers had more pronounced bags under their eyes and more wrinkles around their lower lips. The toxins that enter your body from smoking break down protein fibers that keep your skin looking young and firm. Although wrinkles can also be caused by sun exposure, stress or alcohol intake, not smoking will decrease your risk of wrinkled skin.

According to DC Derm Docs’ Dr. Marilyn Berzin, frequently drinking from water bottles can also increase the wrinkles around your lips. Although this does not involve the breakdown of protein fibers that keep your skin young and firm, it does confirm that the face you make when smoking adds to the wrinkles you have around your lips.

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