The 40s are when signs of aging and skin blemishes become more pronounced.  Wrinkles become fine lines; jowls can appear; large pores and blemishes make their way onto your skin as the body goes through hormonal changes. Additionally, your skin starts to dry out.

Combat these signs of aging by incorporating a gentle, hydrating cleanser into your skin regimen.  Find a moisturizer that incorporates SPF, as sunscreen will become a major player in defending your skin against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays during the 40s when the skin’s sensitivity skyrockets.

Moisturizing your skin and keeping it hydrated is going to be your priority during your 40s.  It is recommended to choose products that incorporate retinol (to boost collagen production); aloe, for moisture maintenance; or oatmeal, to naturally soothe the skin.  Additionally, applying a facial oil after your nightly routine will maintain the skin’s softness and youth.

The skin dries out in the 40s, so you’ll want to avoid any products or procedures that irritate the skin.  Any at-home exfoliators and peels will end up harming your skin.  “Bringing back moisture to your skin is crucial and invaluable in the 40s.  Keeping your skin hydrated will provide a strong foundation for glowing skin down the road,” says Dr. Dale Isaacson.

Treatments to try are the Fraxel Re:Pair to diminish blemishes and sun spots.  Restore youth with a GentleWaves treatment.  Botox can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and the Excel V pen can reduce facial and leg veins.  Restore and stimulate collagen with an IPL Rejuvenation treatment or try a filler to soften and contour deep lines and wrinkles.