When diet and exercise just aren’t working to get rid of those last few pesky inches off your tummy or love handles, the Vanquish body contouring system is a perfect solution.  It’s fast, easy, less expensive than surgery, and non-invasive.  Many patients notice a visable difference after their first treatment.

DC Derm Docs’ Dr. Dale Isaacson not only provides the revolutionary treatment to his patients, he has undergone it himself.  As he told Washingtonian, he lost three inches off his waist after a few Vanquish sessions.

According to his partner, Dr. Marilyn Berzin, “Some people, no matter how much weight they lose, still have troublesome areas.  Your best candidate is somebody who is in good shape but just can’t lose that little bit of weight.  With Vanquish, “You all of a sudden fit into your clothes and have that confidence.”  She adds, “We’re all trying to find ways to look better, but we’re trying to find things that will not hurt us.”

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