You know those bothersome dark spots, wrinkles and blemishes that appear out of nowhere? As many people know, time takes its course on our bodies and our skin will appear more frail, dry and loose as we age. Whether it’s not enough sun protection, effects of getting older or bad habits, the skin is our keepsake and protects us from harmful effects during daily life. Knowing the signs your skin is aging and what causes your skin to age can help you take charge of your skincare routine to keep it looking youthful.

Below are five causes of aging skin:

Sun Exposure – While sun rays give you the Vitamin D your body needs, ultraviolet rays from sun exposure will give you a bad sunburn. It also can also lead to more serious problems like skin cancer. UV rays are most intense between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so the next time you head to the beach, be aware and load up on the sunscreen.

Smoking Cigarettes – Just taking a puff a day will start to deprive your skin of oxygen, which will increase the aging process. With less blood flow, the skin does not receive necessary nutrients like Vitamin A, resulting in sagging skin.

Diet – A diet full of fruits, veggies, healthy fats and clean protein helps keep your skin glowing. What you eat matters, as your new skin cells replace the previous ones, building from exactly what you put into your body.

Product Overload – Everyone loves the new skincare line that hits the shelf, but when you are combining a lot of products and packing it on your skin, the protective layer of your skin begins to break. Many don’t even wash their face at the end of the day and that combination of grease and oil alone is not great for your face, or your pillow.

Age – Unfortunately, time takes its toll and as it does, the skin loses its elasticity and the dermis and epidermis begin to thin. Treatments like BOTOX and fillers can help.

While there are no time machines for your skin, the best option is to know what exactly keeps your skin healthy.  For more information on skincare, visit us at https://dc-dermdocs.com/.

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