Psoriasis Specialist in Washington, DC: What to Expect for Diagnosis and Treatment

Psoriasis, although a common dermatological condition, isn’t always easy to live with. It often presents itself in scaly, red patches of skin that can be embarrassing.

Making the decision to visit a psoriasis specialist in Washington, DC is the right step in getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

How Is Psoriasis Diagnosed?

Your psoriasis diagnosis begins with a discussion about your health and then an exam. The psoriasis specialist will check your skin, nails, and scalp. You may also be asked to undergo a biopsy to confirm your diagnosis and rule out other skin disorders.

What Are My Treatment Options?

The great news is there are several options available, and your psoriasis specialist in Washington, DC will explain each one to you before a treatment plan is put in place.

Your plan may include:

  • Topical medication: These are applied directly to your skin and are successful in treating mild to moderate psoriasis. Topical medication can be combined with other treatments to treat more severe cases.
  • Oral or injected medication: This type of medication is typically reserved for severe cases that don’t respond well to other treatments. They can have serious side effects, so your psoriasis specialist will monitor you carefully while you’re taking them.
  • Laser therapy: Artificial ultraviolet or natural light therapies are often used in conjunction with medication. With this treatment type, you’ll be carefully monitored by your specialist to ensure you get the right amount of light, as too much can sometimes worsen symptoms.

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