Post-pregnancy, many women struggle with the size and shape of their abdomen. Even when they are able to lose weight and tone their mid-section through diet and exercise, loose skin and stretch marks may remain.

Fortunately, Infini Skin Tightening Treatment can target these concerns from the inside out and tighten abdominal skin and reduce stretch marks without surgery.

This non-invasive treatment is able to provide three-dimensional coverage and lifting and is in high-demand as an alternative to a tummy tuck.

Here’s what you need to know about a non-surgical mommy makeover with Infini Skin Tightening.

What Is Infini Skin Tightening Treatment?

Infini Radiofrequency Microneedling Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that delivers thermal energy deep to the collagen-containing layers of the dermis to tighten skin. It can be used to treat wrinkles, skin tone and texture, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars on all skin types.

Many women especially love its ability to firm sagging abdominal skin and smooth stretch marks post-pregnancy.

How Does Infini Tighten Abdominal Skin and Improve Stretch Marks?

This system provides unparalleled technology that unites radiofrequency and collagen induction therapy. More specifically, it applies thermal energy with tiny needles at various depth within the skin.

With this precise penetration, Infini creates controlled thermal damage that stimulates the growth of new collagen. As a result, it yields tissue volumization, and the skin around the abdomen becomes more toned and firm.

Additionally, the wound healing effect initiated by Infini causes remodeling that improves the texture and appearance of post-pregnancy stretch marks.

What to Expect from a Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover with Infini Skin Tightening?

Prior to treatment, skin laxity will be assessed by your dermatologist or plastic surgeon to develop a treatment plan.

On the day of the procedure, a topical anesthetic will be applied to the abdomen for approximately 45 minutes to an hour to numb the area.

Next, the Infini handpiece containing 49 surgical grade needles will be applied to the skin. These needle electrodes then deliver several passes of multi-dimensional energy to the dermis.

At the end of the treatment, the skin may appear red and swollen, and these effects usually resolve within one-to-two days.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

For optimal effects, a series of two-to-three Infini treatments spaced 4 weeks apart is recommended. However, many patients note an improvement in tone and texture as soon as a week after treatment.

For additional information about a non-surgical mommy makeover with Infini Skin Tightening Treatment, please call DC Derm Docs today.

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