Microblading Washington DC

Whenever you schedule a cosmetic appointment, you should ask your doctor about the associated side effects or risks. Even a procedure as commonly done as microblading presents risks to the patient.

Microblading Washington DC and permanent makeup can be a gorgeous and easy procedure to help spruce up your look.

However, it is important to go in to your appointment educated and confident that you fully understand the procedure.

Infection Can Definitely Occur Even if Treatment is Performed Perfectly

Infection is one of the most common risks associated with permanent makeup, particularly if it is done with an unsterilized needle or equipment.

Always be sure to seek the services of a reputable medspa, dermatology or aesthetic practice that complies with state regulations on sterilization standards.

Some Patients Have an Allergic Reaction to Microblading

If you believe you may be allergic to the pigments used during permanent makeup you should speak with your technician before scheduling your treatment.

Your micropigmentation specialist should be well aware of all the allergies associated to the specific pigments.

Many places also offer organic pigments, as they are less likely to promote an allergic reaction on the skin.

How Choosing the Wrong Technician Can Impact Your Results

Perhaps the biggest risk when undergoing a microblading Washington DC procedure is to not do your due diligence when seeking a technician.

If done incorrectly, your microblading treatment can end up costing you tons of money in medical bills and follow up appointments to fix a haphazard job.

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