It can seem like there are countless fillers and other facial treatments on the market now, given how popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments have become.

So, how do you figure out which option is the best for you? RHA filler is a very popular option in Europe that is making a splash in the United States. Read on to learn about what just might be the best anti-aging filler in DC.

What Makes RHA Different Than Other Fillers?

Resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) is used to describe a group of fillers that are known as providing very natural results compared to other types of facial fillers. They replenish lost volume while allowing you to fully execute facial expressions.

There are several types of Revance brand RHA fillers, including RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. RHA 2 is used to treat surface-level lines such as the 11s and crow’s feet. RHA 3 treats wrinkles at a medium depth around the mouth. RHA 4 filler treats deep lines in the lower half of the face.

RHA fillers can treat both dynamic and static wrinkles, while other fillers can only treat static wrinkles. Also, your amazing results can last up to 15 months or longer, while most other fillers only last six to 12 months.

So, Does That Make RHA the Best Anti-Aging Filler in DC?

Just like any cosmetic service, the best anti-aging filler in DC for you may not be the same as for someone else.

However, if you want a soft, natural, and plumped look, RHA fillers are likely exactly what you want.

For RHA, the Best Anti-Aging Filler in DC, Choose Our Skilled Providers

To discover the best anti-aging filler in DC for you, come to DC Derm Docs. Our providers make it their priority to make sure that every client finds the best treatment for their needs.

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