Shaving, waxing, and tweezing are such chores! Thank goodness laser hair removal (LHR) frees you from the neverending process of shaving and leaves areas like legs, arms, and eyebrows perfectly smooth forever.

Wondering how much is laser hair removal in Washington, DC? Check out this handy guide to the price of LHR!

Talk to Me About Full Body LHR!

Depending on your location, who is performing the treatment, and other factors, the average cost for full body LHR is $3,000. But, keep in mind that it can take several sessions to experience permanent hair loss. However, most people don’t need full body LHR. Think about skipping places like your arms and back.

Okay, How Much Is Laser Hair Removal In Washington, DC Really?

Laser hair removal costs about $285 a session. Instead of full body LHR, think about treating only your most aggravating areas. For example, maybe you can’t stand shaving your legs, but don’t mind shaving your underarms. It takes several sessions to experience maximum hair loss, so talk to your provider about setting up a schedule for LHR.

What Else Should I Know About LHR?

The constant routine of buying shaving supplies or heading in for another wax is time consuming. Contending with endless bumps and ingrown hairs is yet another process all of its own. With LHR, you spend less time and money on grooming and more time doing the things you enjoy!

Get Silky, Smooth Legs Permanently With LHR at DC Derm Docs!

Are you still asking, “How much is laser hair removal in Washington, DC?” That means you should consult the professionals at DC Derm Docs. LHR sessions only take a few minutes, and there is no downtime afterward. Call us at 202-822-9591 today to schedule an appointment, and be sure to ask about our current specials!

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