How Long Does Qwo Last for Cellulite Reduction?

Sure, dimples are cute. When you’re five and they’re on your cheeks. Dimpled skin on the butt and thighs, though? Not so much.

If you’re tired of fighting the look of cottage cheese under your skin that just won’t go away no matter how much weight you lose or how much you exercise and eat right, then Qwo cellulite reduction injections might just be the miracle cure you’re looking for. So, how long do results last?

What’s the Scoop – How Long Does Qwo Last After It Smoothes Skin?

Since Qwo works to break down the fibrous bands of connective tissue (scientifically known as septae) that connect your muscle to your skin to create the dimpled appearance, the results are long lasting. The FDA- approved treatment for moderate to severe cellulite may last permanently. You can expect your Qwo results at least one year, but most likely, much longer.

This new cosmetic injection will truly revolutionize cellulite treatment, as there are currently no other non-surgical options as effective. The injectable is non-invasive, requires no downtime afterward or anesthesia, and has been quite effective in research studies. Full treatment with Qwo injections requires a total of three sessions spaced three weeks apart. So, in as little as six weeks, you could achieve optimal results – just in time to tie those swimsuit straps!

So, What’s the Skinny on Where I Can Get My Hands on This Sensation Cellulite Injection?

Ready for smoother, sexier skin by summer? It’s time to book a consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for Qwo cellulite reduction injections now that you know how long does Qwo last! As the area’s premier Qwo practice, we’re ready to help you kick the lumpy look here at DC Derm Docs. Contact us today at (202) 822-9591 to schedule an appointment for the top non-surgical cellulite treatment available!

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