If you are interested in building muscle and toning your body you may be curious about Emsculpt and CoolTone as possible options.

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is a non-invasive procedure, which stimulates your muscles to contract in a way that stimulate muscle growth for a more sculpted body.

The contractions achieved with Emsculpt are more powerful than anything possible trough physical training.

As a result of this extreme level of muscle contractions, your body is able to build better muscle tone and metabolize fat more effectively than through exercise alone.

What Is Cooltone?

CoolTone works to incite muscle stimulation by penetrating the muscular layer of the skin for optimal contact.

As a result of these muscle contractions, the body is able to undergo better muscle conditioning leaving stomach, buttocks and thighs feeling and looking more toned and firm.

What Is the Main Difference?

The main difference between Emsculpt and CoolTone is that CoolTone has approximately fifty percent more magnetic intensity when stimulating the muscles.

Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Which body toning and muscle stimulating treatment you receive is a decision that should be made under the advisement of your trusted healthcare professional.

Perhaps most important when deciding which treatment is best for you in is first researching a board certified physician who has been specially trained to administer Emsculpt and/or CoolTone.

Once you have found a qualified physician you should discuss your current and past medical treatment history as well as your goals for the procedure in order for your doctor to make the best treatment decision for your specific needs.

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