Are you tired of testing out skincare products to determine what works best for you skin? It might be time to find out what type of skin you have. One of the most important steps in skin care is knowing your skin type. Skin types range from dry to normal or combination to oily skin. Skincare products all work differently for different types of skin. Knowing your skin type will save you the hassle, time and money of testing out different products.

One method in determining your skin type is the bare-face method. This involves cleaning your face with a mild cleanser first. Do not apply anything to your skin after you wash it. Wait 30 minutes to examine your t-zone, which includes your forehead, nose, and chin, for any shine. After another 30 minutes, examine your skin. Tight skin may be the result of a dry skin type. If you notice some shine on your t-zone, then you may have normal or combination skin. You may have oily skin if you not only notice shine on your t-zone, but also on your cheeks.

The blotting sheet method is one of the easiest and most common ways of determining your skin type. Use a blotting sheet to pat different areas on your face. Make sure you are not rubbing your face with the sheet, but gently dabbing it. Hold the sheet up to the light. If you see little to no oil on the sheet, then you probably have dry skin. If the blotting sheet is full of oil, then you probably have oily skin. However, if you are picking up some oil in just the t-zone area, then you may have normal or combination skin.

There are other ways to determine your skin type, like taking online tests. But, the bare-face and blotting sheet methods are two of the easiest ways to see what type of skin you have. Determining your skin type will help you find the best skincare products for your specific skin. Treat your skin with the products it needs.

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