Ready to rejuvenate with Botox to bring youthfulness back into your look, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines? Getting Botox is exciting!

But, if you are new to cosmetic procedures, it is understandable that you may be a bit nervous and may like a glass of wine before Botox to settle your nerves. But wait! First, you should ask yourself, “Can I drink before Botox?”

What’s the Whole Story: Can I Drink Before Botox?

There are many reasons to keep the corkscrew or bottle opener in the drawer before getting Botox. Dry skin is a common side effect of drinking in general. This can be bad for Botox, because drier skin makes the actual injection process less smooth and it makes recovery take longer.

Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of bruising and swelling, because it is a vasodilator and it also has blood-thinning properties. These effects lead to more bruising and swelling in the injection area.

Also, any alcoholic beverage may make you feel a little wobbly and sleepy. You may feel similar after Botox. So, it’s important that you are able to convey any symptoms to your provider and drinking before-hand makes this harder.

When Can I Drink After Botox?

For similar reasons as listed above, you should avoid drinking after your procedure for at least a day afterward. It would be even better if you avoided alcohol for at least a few days. While it’s not necessarily unsafe to drink before or after cosmetic injections, just put a hold on cocktail hour if possible to ensure best results.

Your Search for the Best Botox in DC Is Over!

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