Botox Cosmetic, the favorite celebrity treatment, is now FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe forehead lines. Injectables have become one of the most popular anti-aging treatment used by thousands. According to the American Society of Plastic surgeons, 7 million injections were given in the year 2016 alone. In addition to treating forehead lines, Botox is FDA-approved to also treat crow’s feet and glabellar lines.

Botox prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes the appearance of lines you already have. For most people, there are immediate results and no downtime. It works by smoothing wrinkles through relaxing your facial muscle movements, so you don’t raise your forehead muscle and form lines.

It will help soften the appearance of lines and avoid them from becoming deeper. While the effects of the injections can last three to four months, if you want to remain wrinkle-free, you should have continuous rounds of Botox injections.

With the popularity of Botox increasing, more FDA-approved uses of Botox are sure to come. The injection has a variety of purposes beyond cosmetic uses. Non-cosmetic uses of Botox include injections in the armpits, neck, stomach and scalp for different treatments including: excessive sweating, neck pain and migraines.

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