Are Botox and Fillers Safe During Pregnancy, or Can They Harm a Developing Baby?

Let’s face it. Being pregnant can be draining, and you may want a little lift with Botox or fillers. While both are absolutely safe when not pregnant or breastfeeding, we must use common sense when answering, “Are Botox and fillers safe during pregnancy?”

What Exactly Are Botox and Fillers Anyway?

Botox and dermal fillers are effective ways to get rid of unwanted signs of aging. Botox works by blocking nerve signals that cause muscle contractions in the face. Fillers are substances that plump the skin to smooth wrinkles.

So, What’s the Truth? Are Botox and Fillers Safe During Pregnancy?

We know the side effects of both are minimal. You may experience redness, swelling, and some bruising, but serious risks are rare.

The truth is there has been no time dedicated to studies regarding the safety of Botox and fillers on unborn babies. This is a shame, because they may be safe. But unfortunately, we can’t even really answer your question, “Are Botox and fillers safe during pregnancy?”

Heed the Warning, and Stay Away from Botox and Fillers While Pregnant!

The only way to determine whether cosmetic injections are safe during pregnancy is to wait for scientific proof. In the meantime, avoid them both until after pregnancy and after breastfeeding. You’ve got a pregnancy glow already, so just enjoy it!

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