Have you recently been injected with Botox and not seen the results you were hoping for?

There are three main reason why Botox will not work for you.

Reason #1: An Unqualified Injector

With the growing popularity of Botox, many patients are interested in benefiting from the product but can often shy away from the expensive price tag.

Unfortunately, many medical spas and doctors’ offices are aware of the price concern and mark down their Botox units in order to set themselves apart as the best deal in town.

In many cases where the price has been severely slashed, these doctors may not be as qualified as you hope to administer Botox correctly.

The bottom line: You get what you pay for. When undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is crucial that you seek the services of a certified and trained professional who is highly skilled in the facial anatomy and the correct way to treat the face with Botox.

Reason #2: You Were Promised a Fixed Price

Along the same vein as reason #1 why Botox may not have worked for you is the fact that many offices sell a fixed price or facial area in their treatment advertisements.

Any experienced injector knows that every face is different and because of that it is nearly impossible to anticipate how many units of Botox will need to be used and in which areas of the face until they are treating a patient in real time.

A good injector will treat you with the precise amount of units required to meet your goals, while less experienced injectors may follow a standard procedure for every patient.

Reason #3: Your Immune System is Fighting Back

The final reason why Botox may not be working for you even if it once did is because your body may have simply built an immunity against it.

It is important to note, however, that this is highly uncommon and rarely seen by top injectors.

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