The Hottest New Body Contouring Treatment, SculpSure

With summer right around the corner, DC Derm Docs dermatologists, Dr. Dale Isaacson and Dr. Marilyn Berzin, show off the latest body contouring procedure, SculpSure, live on News Channel 8’s Good Morning Washington to . News Channel 8’s Eileen Whelan reports live on the latest technology in non-invasive fat reduction.

The FDA-approved treatment helps rid the body of unflattering excess fat that refuses to be shed even with dieting and exercise. Dr. Dale Isaacson introduces the SculpSure machine, a device that “uses lasers to consistently melt up to twenty-five percent of your fat in a single twenty-five-minute session,” with no damage to the skin. SculpSure treatment can be applied to the abdomen and love handles without any of the pain, downtime, or side-effects that usually follow surgery. After a single session, you can immediately hit the gym, or even the beach if you’re feeling ambitious. Results can be seen after about 6 weeks; however, some see changes immediately. Only 25 minutes for my dream body? Sign me up.