Remarkable Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Are Available to Improve the Size and Shape of Your Nose!

For some, their nose can be a source of frustration due to bumps, lines, or an unbalanced appearance. Previously, the only treatment method was to undergo total cosmetic surgery that accompanied a painful and lengthy recovery until now. If you’ve dreamed about improving the appearance of your nose but struggled with the thought of invasive surgery, your solution is here.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a revolutionary procedure that is routinely changing people’s lives by dramatically improving their looks and confidence. But, how long does the non-surgical rhinoplasty last?

But Honestly, How Long Does the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Last? Is It Temporary?

The non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment uses dermal fillers injected under the skin. This painless procedure creates symmetry and minimizes differences between depressions on the nose. Not only is the improvement often instantly noticeable, but the results can also continue for upwards of a year or even longer. 

Imagine, you could have the balanced facial feature you’ve always wanted, without surgery and with a long-lasting outcome. Once you’re no longer experiencing results, you can return for maintenance injections.

Put Your Most Confident Face Forward With a Liquid Nose Job!

The decision to improve your appearance is a giant leap toward improving your life. With confidence in your looks, you can focus on conquering other life goals and making lasting impressions. Here at DC Derm Docs, we have helped many people realize their dreams with treatments like non-surgical rhinoplasty. 

We offer you the opportunity to observe your transformation during the treatment and provide us your thoughts or suggestions. Give us a call at 202-822-9591 to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated specialists. The real question isn’t how long does the non-surgical rhinoplasty last. A better question is, are you ready to take the next step and book a liquid nose job?!

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