Like many women and men contemplating lip injections, you probably want to have all the facts before committing to treatment. You may have even conducted a Google Search for “lip filler near me.”

Rather than trying to filter through all of the information online, continue reading for six things you need to know ahead of your lip filler treatment.

I’m Considering Lip Filler Near Me. What Do I Need to Know Before Treatment?

1. Lip Injections Require Research and Planning

When many women and men search online for “lip filler near me,” they may not know what to expect from the treatment or how to prepare.

In addition to carefully researching providers and choosing a highly skilled and experienced injector, it is important to define your treatment objectives and decide how you want your lips to look.

2. Each Filler Produces Different Results

Figuring out your aesthetic goals not only helps your injector create a customized treatment plan, it also guides your choice of filler.

For example: If you’re going for a soft, pillowy, and voluminous look, Juvederm can offer an ideal solution. If you want more subtle volume enhancement, Restylane may be your best option.

3. Results Are Temporary

When looking for lip filler near me, patients are often surprised to learn that filler results are temporary. Lip injections usually last 6-9 months and require ongoing treatment.

4.  Lip Filler After-Care is Minimal

Following a lip filler treatment, you are free to resume all normal activities without any restrictions. That being said, you may experience mild and temporary swelling and/or bruising.

5. You Can Gradually Add Volume

Desired lip enhancement can be achieved gradually and over a period of time.

6. It’s Possible to Reverse Results

In the event that you are unhappy with lip filler results, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be injected to partially or fully dissolve the product.

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