If you’re longing for fuller, more shapely lips, you’re probably thinking about dermal filler injections. The hyaluronic acid-containing fillers most often contain about 1 mL of product per syringe.

How many fillers your lips need depend on factors like age and aesthetic goals. If you’re wondering how many fillers do I need for my lips, here are some considerations.

How Many Fillers Do I Need for My Lip Augmentation?

If you’re seeking to enhance your lips and add gentle fullness often only one syringe is needed. Most lip fillers last six to 12 months. Before determining how many fillers you need for your lips, you should know:

Your Age is a Factor When It Comes to How Many Fillers Your Lips Need

Aging causes loss of lip volume. The lips appear thinner, or less full. Often the lips are less structured and defined due to the aging process. It’s important to discuss your goals with your doctor. Depending on the look you desire, one to three syringes may be used.

You Want to Avoid Overfilling

It’s important not to overfill, so a more conservative approach is often key. We’ve all seen the overdone look. Most doctors are conservative with fillers to keep the appearance enhanced and natural.

Another key to avoid overfilling is to keep in mind how much filler remains from previous treatments. A common cause of the overfilled look is adding filler to lips that were already treated within the last 12 to 24 months. It’s important to remember that while not all of the filler remains, there is still filler present, so you should be conservative when getting retreated.

Get Fuller, Natural Looking Lips

At DC Derm Docs, we offer the latest treatments to enhance your appearance, including lip fillers such as Juvéderm. During a consultation, we will answer your questions such as, “How many fillers do I need for my lips.” To book your complimentary consultation, call our specialists today at 202-822-9591!

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