Everything changes with age – especially your skin. Every decade of your life brings changes, so here are our tips for dealing with mother nature’s skin curveballs.

In Your 20s

Being a twenty-something is a time to be wrapped up in the now, not always considering the future. But if there’s one area where you should be thinking ahead, it’s definitely your skin care. Your twenties are less a time of change and more a time of preparation for your skin. The way your treat your skin in your twenties can determine how your skin ages.

Establishing a regular skincare routine will help your skin’s collagen support and delay aging effects. The best thing you can do for your skin in your twenties is protect it from the sun. Wearing sunscreen year-round will protect it from harmful UVA/UVB rays and minimize your chances of sun damage that can cause dark spots and wrinkles as you age. Be proactive now, thank us later.

In Your 30s

You want to be thirty, flirty and fabulous, but you can’t really do that if your skin looks older than you. This is a decade when damage from your twenties can start surfacing. Even if you took the best care of your skin, your skin’s cell turnover rate begins slowing in your thirties, making skin duller. Fine lines and dark spots may arise from sun damage, and you could get some adult-onset acne.

Skincare in your thirties is incomplete without retinol. Retinol, which you can buy over-the-counter or in prescription form, is a derivative of Vitamin A; it’s a kind of cure-all for skin aging. Adding an anti-aging serum with retinol to that nightly routine you established in your twenties can increase collagen production, help tackle adult-onset acne and revamp cell turnover. Also try switching up your facewash to one with an exfoliant to keep your skin bright.

In Your 40s

Life can dry you out (literally) by the time you reach your forties. Your skin gets drier and wrinkles start to become more prominent. You may lose that glow you had in your twenties and your skin might start sagging. Know that this isn’t the end of the world and there is hope yet to keep your skin as fabulous as you.

Add some Vitamin C (think orange juice) to your diet to lighten dark spots. Tackle your dry skin by moisturizing daily. You can try an anti-aging moisturizer if you want to knock out two birds with one stone. If you’re feeling it, you can try in-office treatments. Injections or fillers can restore a youthful look to your skin.


Talk to your dermatologist about how to maintain your skin’s youthful look!