If you’re considering an anti-aging treatment or body contouring, or even a combination of the two, you obviously want amazing results.

So, how do you get them? You choose the best cosmetic dermatologist in DC, and here’s how!

Look for Experience and Skill

Your cosmetic dermatologist has received the same medical and surgical training as a traditional dermatologist, but how much experience do they have with cosmetic services?

Do they have enough experience to have attained the skill necessary for you to enjoy stunning results? Be sure to check credentials.

Ask for Referrals

Check with friends, family, and even your primary care provider to find out who they recommended. It’s good to turn to people you trust for recommendations.

During Your Consultation, Spend Time Listening

Instead of giving a detailed account of what you want done, mention vaguely what you seek. For example, simply state you’re concerned about signs of aging then let the best cosmetic dermatologist in DC make recommendations.

Let them give you details instead of the other way around. Doing this allows you to get a good sense of their aesthetic style and knowledge.

Take Time to Ask Questions

We learn by asking questions, right? Your consultation is the perfect opportunity to ask away and share your concerns.

Make Sure You Get a Proper Evaluation

Before any cosmetic service, surgical or not, your cosmetic dermatologist should evaluate your medical history. This is the only way to make sure the services you’re interested in are safe for you.

Your Search for the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in DC is Over!

The experts at Derm Docs are dedicated to providing top-notch treatments in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer the latest techniques and technology to ensure our patients leave happy!

Ready to look the best you that you can? If so, now is the time to book your consultation. Contact us at 202-822-9591 today!

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