The latest craze to take care of your skin is not your usual crisp and clean looking solution—it’s quite the opposite. Black Charcoal.

Your favorite face washes, scrubs and masks may now come infused with activated charcoal. This natural ingredient can help wash deep into your pores and draw out impurities. Although it might seem strange to wash your face with a dark charcoal scrub, it can actually give your skin the tough love it needs. There are many benefits to using products with activated charcoal.

The charcoal trend actually originated in Japan. The natural ingredient, when heated, becomes porous and acts as a magnet to pull out trapped impurities. Skincare professionals have also noted a reduction in cellulite as one of the benefits. Washing with charcoal attracts impurities, removing acne causing bacteria from your pores, leaving them visibly reduced. Your face will feel fresh and smooth after a charcoal cleanse, since the natural ingredients bind to dirt and oil, letting you wash it all away.

Charcoal works best for oily and combination skin, balancing oil levels especially in your T-Zone. However, a charcoal mask or scrub can help with removing dead skin. If you have dry skin, washing with charcoal once a week will do the trick. Skincare products with active charcoal as a main ingredient have also been proven to reduce redness and eliminate acne. After a long work out or wearing makeup for an extended period of time, try using an in-shower charcoal scrub or a makeup wipe with charcoal in it. The products will do the trick to repair and balance your skin.

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