We would all love to look the way we looked back in our 20’s, but with age and something called “life”, our skin tends to look less elastic. Of course, we can delay the betrayal of our bodies a couple years back by using moisturizers, sunscreen, not smoking, drinking water and staying out of the sun, but sooner or later certain body parts will begin to reveal your age. While most people focus their skincare regime on their faces, it’s important to also pay attention to other parts of your body.

Below are the five body parts that will betray your age first.

Hair – Even though you try to keep your hair healthy, as you age, your hair will become thinner, drier and turn grey. When you age and your hair becomes drier, it may break off. If you regularly use heat on your hair, get regular conditioning treatments and use protein-rich moisturizers.

Hands – You’re always using your hands, and most of the time, your hands aren’t hands covered. Sun damage has the biggest effect on your hands, so apply sunscreen to the back of your hands at least once a day. Although you might not see the signs of aging on hands until your 30s or 40s, most people’s hands starting looking older in their 20s. Because the skin on your hands is thinner, keep it moisturized to preserve their youthfulness.

Eyelids – As you tend to age, the muscles in your eyelids will weaken, which will cause your eyelids to look a lot more like they’re are melting in the sun. However, if you drink the right amount of water and sleep the right amount, you might be able to reduce how fast you age. Eye creams can also help reduce puffiness.

Face – Whether it’s freckles or wrinkles, our face is the first body part most people look at. Brightening serums can easily lighten your dark spots and brighten your skin. Interestingly enough, when it comes to wrinkles, being thin can be a disadvantage. When you lose weight, your skin becomes more elastic, which may enhance your wrinkles.

Elbows – The loose skin on your elbows will just get looser as you age. Unfortunately, there is little you can do. Sun, stress and smoking are just some of the many culprits. Try using a moisturizer or cream for your elbows to keep them looking young.

Although aging is inevitable, DC Derm Docs has a variety of procedures for every part of your body that will leave you feeling 35 again.

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