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The classic debate of cannula vs. needle for your dermal filler injections has been an ongoing topic of conversation among patients and injectors all over the world.

When seeking out a plumper pout or looking to reduce wrinkles or add volume, we really just want whatever method can give us the results we want, in the most comfortable way.

There are many cases made for both the cannula and the traditional needle method, which we discuss below.

Technique One: Needles

Needles have always been the standard to be used for filler.

A needle, by nature, is sharp.

However, the sharpness of a needle can often pierce right through an artery or vein beneath the skin which can lead to bruising or bleeding.

Additionally, needles have been found to frequently cause swelling, particularly for lip injections.

Technique Two: Cannulas

Cannulas are blunt tipped by design, and as such, they are able to push aside any veins or arteries.

Additionally, less injections are needed when treating the lips with a cannula.

This makes it easier to bring volume to the lips while hopefully avoiding any unnecessary unpleasantness for the patient.

When Should Needles be Used for Dermal Filler Injections?

Needles are the best choice when only a tiny bit of filler is necessary.

Typically, this is true for maintenance or touch-up appointments.

When Should Cannulas Be Used for Dermal Filler Injections?

Cannulas seem to be the better alternative to a needle injection in many ways.

Not only is there less pain during your injection treatment, but there is a decreased risk of bleeding and bruising.

Moreover, cannulas are a safer option as they bypass the danger zones such as arteries.

Cannula injections require minimal downtime due to the reduced risk of swelling or bruising and offer greater precision at the injection site.

Dermal Fillers Washington DC

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