It’s the double chin seen ‘round the world. “Chinning” is the newest trend stealing the spotlight from the usual high-angle selfies Instagram users are used to seeing. “Chinning” is when you take a low-angled selfie with an over-exaggerated double chin. 21-year-old college student, Michelle Liu or “Chinchelle” as her nearly 100K followers know her as, is turning the tides on the traditional ideals of beauty in an entertaining travel Instagram account that combines grand landmark photos from around the globe with “chinning”.

The pictures have gone viral and Lui’s fans are loving the humerus and unapologetic attitude she’s bringing to Instagram. However, living with a double chin is the reality for many people. While the stereotype of a double chin is that it’s associated with weight gain, you don’t have to be overweight to have one. A double chin can sneak up on anyone, regardless of age and weight. It can occur as a result of excess skin, excess fat or a combination of the two. Even genetics, family history and excess sagging from age can be the culprit of a double chin.

Modern technology has reshaped the way cosmetic dermatologists tackle the double chin. The newest innovation? A chemical therapy called Kybella that dissolves the fat and fat cells resistant to diet and exercise in the area under the chin. This fat destroyer flushes away damaged cells naturally, leaving you with a slimmer, smoother contour.

So unless you’re “chinning,” you don’t want to be chinning. Contact DC Derm Docs today at (202)- 822-9591 to help you take back your double chin with Kybella.


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