Are you starting to get wrinkles, or are you tired of worrying about your ever-present acne scars? Even your makeup seems to fall short of making your skin look how you want it to. Dermal fillers can not only get rid of your emerging wrinkles, but they can also give you the non-surgical facelift you’ve been wanting. With so many different types of treatments available, it is important to know the benefits of choosing dermal fillers and how they work.

What are dermal fillers?
Dermal Fillers are gel-like injectable substances made from natural and synthetic material that are used to restore a youthful appearance when they are injected into your skin. They “plump” your skin to make it smoother and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. There are different types of fillers that can be used to achieve different goals, like getting fuller lips or sculpting your face shape.

Why choose dermal fillers?
They are an easy, non-surgical option that can enhance your looks with just one treatment. Most results are seen in as quick as 30 minutes. With dermal fillers, you’ll get a natural looking result without the messy surgery.

Will the procedure hurt?
You may experience a bit of discomfort, but can ask your doctor what to do to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Some dermal fillers have a built-in lidocaine anesthetic. Generally, you don’t need pain relief but if you experience mild discomfort, you can apply a local anesthetic cream to the area.

How long will fillers last?
They are not permanent and can last between six to 18 months. Fillers in nose and mouth lines can last up to a year, while in the lips they last about six months. Fillers eventually dissolve naturally. However, you can get touch-ups as needed.

In the following video, Dr. Dale Isaacson shows a part of the treatment using Juvederm XC:

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