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Fat Freezing has quickly become a star treatment to blast away unwanted body fat for men and women across the country. However, it is important to understand the CoolSculpting results and risks associated with the procedure.

For most patients, CoolSculpting is a safe and effective tool to finally achieve the body of your dreams, however one side effect seems to have presented in more patients than is ideal.

The Stick of Butter Effect

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) is sometimes referred to as the “stick of butter” effect.

Although not incredibly common, this can occur in patients who have undergone a CoolSculpting treatment session.

This side effect refers to a situation when the fat cells targeted during a CoolSculpting session are not metabolized out of the body, as is expected.

Instead, the fat cells in the treatment area expand and harden into a lump as a reaction to the freezing technology.

This means, instead of shrinking away and depleting the fat, the fat actually grows and solidifies in the body.

How Common is PAH

It is not fully understood why some patients experience PAH.

Studies show that 1 in every 138 treatments yield a PAH outcome.

Treating PAH

Patients who do experience PAH will usually have to live with the PAH bulge for roughly six to nine months until the fatty area has softened enough to be effectively removed through liposuction.

While PAH is not life threatening in any way, it can be frustrating for patients who were hoping to remove fat, and not to draw more attention to these areas due to PAH.

CoolSculpting Results

CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA to treat many areas of the body, including the abdomen, flanks, submental area (double chin), thighs, arms and more. Here are some of the results:

CoolSculpting DC coolsculpting washington dc

Other Options

While CoolSculpting has some minor, however, notable risks associated to it, there are several other treatments available for patients in Washington, DC, including, Emsculpt and SculpSure, aka WarmSculpting.


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At the end of the day, many doctors are suggesting liposuction as the best and most dependable treatment to remove unwanted fat on the body.

That being said, many patient’s don’t necessary want to have costly surgery such as liposuction.

While we do not currently offer CoolSculpting, at DC Derm Docs, we are happy to discuss all of your options for you when it comes to fat reduction and body sculpting.

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