In an ideal world, dermatologists would be able to wave magic wands and patients’ skin problems would be solved. But, the unfortunate truth is that most skin related issues require time and patience for proper healing. While patients are waiting, knowing how to correctly conceal their blemishes and scars will make them more confident.

In order to correctly conceal a blemish, you need to know a little bit about art. The best way to neutralize a color is to use the opposite color to cover it up. On the color wheel, the color that sits directly across from another color is its complementary color. So red’s complementary color is green. Your blemishes come in different colors, such as red, blue, purple, yellow, and brown. Each skin blemish requires different colored concealers to cover them up.

Let’s start with your red blemishes. These can include rosacea, acne scars, and acne itself. Use green-based concealers or primers to reduce the redness. If the green concealers are not doing their job, then you may have to go with a yellow-based concealer.

Have you noticed blue blemishes, like periorbital veins, on your skin? There is a solution to covering them up! Peach or orange undertones will hide those unwanted blemishes.

Purple blemishes, like under-eye circles and bruising, can be tricky to cover up. Many people use their daily concealer or foundation to try to cover them up. For these types of blemishes, yellow concealers are the best choice. If the yellow concealers do not hide the purple tones, then a red-based concealer may be best for your skintone.

Once those bruises start to heal, they may turn yellow. If this is you, turn to purple or lavender concealers that will take out the undertones of the skin.

Dark, brown spots may be the hardest blemishes to cover up because brown does have a complementary color. The darker the pigment, the harder it will be to correct. In general, sticking to peach-tones is your best bet. Make sure the concealer is lighter than your skin, or the blemish will just appear darker.

While you are waiting for your treatments to start kicking in and those blemishes to disappear, you can hide those pesky marks. Confidence in your skin, starts with knowing how to cover up those little imperfections!

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