Teenage acne can be devastating. It’s embarrassing and often hard to treat with over-the-counter products. Thankfully, a dermatologist can help, and technology is ever-evolving, especially in the skincare world. There is always a “latest and greatest” solution to all skin concerns, and this is true of acne. If you’re searching for the best teenage acne treatment in DC, it’s time to learn about AviClear

My Teen Has a Decent Skincare Regime, so Why Do They Have So Many Breakouts?

Unfortunately, when teenagers go through puberty, their hormones are kicked into overdrive. When this happens, their oil glands produce too much sebum or oil. A buildup of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells leads to inflammation and breakouts.

While you might think your teen is using all the right products and washing their face correctly (yes, there is a wrong way!), it’s a good idea to speak to their dermatologist. They can recommend the exact products and techniques your teen needs for healthy skin. 

What Exactly Is AviClear?

AviClear is a revolutionary laser treatment that specifically targets overactive oil glands, suppressing sebum production. This is the first energy device approved by the FDA for the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne. 

Can AviClear Replace Acne Medications?

That is a decision you and your teen will make with the dermatologist. However, in many cases, AviClear is an excellent alternative to isotretinoin and other acne treatments. 

How Many AviClear Treatment Will My Teen Need for Clear Skin?

It is recommended patients schedule three in-office sessions for optimal results. These appointments are typically scheduled once a month over the course of three months. 

What Does My Teenager Need to Do to Prepare for This Treatment?

It’s important to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays, both natural and artificial. Be sure your teen wears sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher when outside. 

Certain medications might need to be adjusted or stopped during treatment with AviClear. It’s important your teen follows all pre-treatment instructions provided by their acne specialist. 

Is This Process Painful? What Should My Teen Expect During Treatment?

No, it isn’t painful at all. It is possible to feel a slight stinging sensation during treatment, but AviClear has a built-in cooling device that ensures comfort. 

Your teen’s dermatologist will clean their skin, and then wet gauze is placed on the treatment site. This allows the device’s cooling function to work more efficiently. Because the skin must be thoroughly clean and free of any lotions or oils, a numbing cream cannot be used during treatment. 

Once the gauze is removed, the handheld device will be passed along the skin one small section at a time. Some areas might need only one pass, while others could need two.

Before leaving your dermatologist’s office, sunscreen will be applied. Because no downtime is needed for recovery, it’ll be easy for your teen to resume their day.  

Does AviClear Have Side Effects?

Because AviClear does not rely on chemicals or toxins of any kind, it is incredibly safe and there is virtually no risk of an adverse reaction. While some minor, temporary redness and swelling are possible, studies have not shown any serious side effects related to AviClear. 

When Will My Teenager See AviClear Results?

AviClear results do not show overnight. It can take two to three weeks to see an improvement in your teen’s skin health. Results from the best teenage acne treatment in DC continue to improve over time. 

How Long Do Results Last?

You can count on AviClear to provide your teen with long-lasting results. On average, patients enjoy their results for one to two years as long as they fully complete their treatment plan. 

Can AviClear Be Used Anywhere on the Body, or Is It Just for the Face?

As of now, AviClear has only been approved for use on the face. If your teen has acne on other areas, they should speak to their dermatologist about a different treatment option. 

How Much Does AviClear Cost? Does Insurance Cover It?

It’s important to remember that all dermatologists have their own pricing. For three AviClear sessions, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000.

Currently, insurance does not cover the cost. However, that may change in the future, so be sure to ask your health insurance provider before booking a treatment.

Is My Teenager a Good Candidate for This Acne-Clearing Procedure?

AviClear is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is a great option for anyone who has tried other options without success and for people who are unable to take acne medications. It is not recommended for patients with rosacea. 

The only way to find out if AviClear is right for your teen is to schedule a dermatology appointment. They should have an evaluation to make sure it’s safe to proceed with treatment. 

Is AviClear Only for Teens?

Absolutely not! AviClear is great for all ages, so adults struggling with breakouts can benefit as well.

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Our board-certified dermatologists specialize in AviClear as well as other options for teens and adults. Our team has over 35 years of experience in medical and cosmetic dermatology. 

Dealing with acne can be quite difficult on your own, and the struggle can be real. So, make today the day you begin your journey to healthy, clear skin.

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