Is Sculpsure the Best Body Contouring in Washington, DC?

If you’re just now hearing about the amazing benefits of non-surgical body sculpting treatments, you may be unfamiliar with what they are exactly and what your options are.

It can get a bit confusing trying to decide which technique to choose. To help you make a decision, you’ll need information on the top choices for the best body contouring in Washington, DC.

Target and Melt Fat Away With Sculpsure!

SculpSure is a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to eliminate unwanted fat. It is a laser treatment that works well for men and women of all body types.

Fat cells are destroyed with a hands-free laser belt and wavelengths. This process melts away fat, and then your lymphatic system naturally eliminates those fat cells from your body. The process does require a little patience, as it takes around 12 weeks to see the full results.

You Can Burn Fat and Build Muscle With Emsculpt!

Unlike Sculpsure that uses heat to melt fat, Emsculpt uses electromagnetic pulses. The device forces your muscles to contract at a very high rate, which causes your body to burn fat while building muscle.

This works more like exercise, because it causes a metabolic reaction that is highly effective. You’ll see results from Emsculpt a bit faster, usually within about two weeks.

Unsure of Which Is the Best Body Contouring in Washington, DC to Choose? Schedule a Consultation!

Choosing body contouring is your first smart choice. Your second smart choice is scheduling a consultation with the top body contouring providers in DC. Share your aesthetic goals, and let your provider guide you to the right technique.

Let Our Dedicated Team Be a Part of Your Body Contouring Journey!

At DC Derm Docs, our sculpting team is accomplished and trusted, and we’re excited to share with you the incredible benefits of the best body contouring in Washington, DC! Contact us at 202-822-9591 to book your consultation and learn the right choice for you!

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