The holidays may be a great time for traveling and taking time off, but can also take a major toll on your health as well as your skin. New environments can be harsh on skin, and travel restrictions make it difficult to pack your entire skincare regimen with you while away from home.

Here are a few essential tips and tricks for maintaining healthy skin while you’re abroad.

Stay Hydrated

This has many meanings when it comes to summer travel. Hydration is important regardless of temperature, so you need to stay hydrated by drinking water. You can also consume water by eating fruits and vegetables like cucumbers or grapefruits to plump your cells more than water does and to help maintain a youthful look.

Beyond that, focus on keeping your face healthy, hydrated, and protected. Using a travel size moisturizer with SPF in it is a great way to maintain your skin while traveling, but you can go even further.  BB Cream acts as foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen all in one, and they are often sold in travel sizes.

It’s also important to keep your lips hydrated. Try a lip balm with SPF in it to avoid burnt, cracked lips.

Stay Fresh Throughout the Day

If you’re in for a long day, pack a compact makeup setting powder or spray in your purse. Powders are almost always sold in compacts and come with everything you need to apply them. They help to minimize grease and set makeup. Sprays are good for days when you won’t have time to reapply or touch up your makeup. They help your makeup last all day and moisturize your skin all in one. Both powders and sprays are sold at makeup stores.

Unfortunately, even the best of setting powders can fade after a while. If your skin gets sweaty or oily, it’s always a good idea to have oil-absorbing sheets on you. These are sold in small packages and can fit in your pocket. It’s a good idea to purchase oil-free makeup but some makeup, including BB Creams, contain some oil. Oil-blotting sheets are a great way to rid your face of shine without smudging your makeup. These sheets also take care of sweat without ruining your makeup. Just make sure you blot your skin instead of rubbing it! Rubbing the sheet along your skin just moves the oils around, while blotting actually removes it.

Remove Makeup in a Flash

You might not always have the time or energy to wash your makeup off before going to bed, so always travel with makeup remover wipes. These wipes are a compact and quick way to take off your makeup and avoid breakouts and irritation when you’re asleep. If you have oily skin or want to avoid the feeling of leftover residue after using a wipe, try purchasing oil-free wipes.

These tips and tricks should keep your skin healthy and fresh while keeping your suitcase away from the TSA!