Q-Clear™–developed by Light Age, a leading innovator of solid-state laser technology–is a revolutionary compact laser system that has now been approved for nail treatments. Individuals who suffer from Onychomycosis (more commonly known as nail fungal infection) can now turn to Q-Clear™, the first affordable, portable, and high performance laser system of its kind. Onychomycosis is generally brought on by common dermatophytes/funguses that colonize on the skin’s outer layer and infect the nail bed and matrix. It is often painful and can cause permanent damage to the nails if not addressed.

The Q-Clear™ Laser System operates with two wavelengths (1064nm and 532nm/1064nm), making it twice as effective using two lasers instead of just one. The 1064 nm wavelength is usable on any skin type and is gentle on normal tissue, with zero pain typically reported during and after treatment. These powerful yet easy-on-the-body lasers are perfect for not only curing nail fungal infections but also temporarily increasing patients’ amount of clear nail. Q-Clear™ is also extremely portable and designed with the same level of performance as comparable laser systems yet at a fraction of the size.

While obvious results show up after just a single treatment, more severe cases may require more than one visit. But there’s never been an easier solution than with Q-Clear™. Most people report no pain and it usually takes very little time–just less than a minute per nail! *Individual results may vary.