5 Easy Ways to Maximize Results From the Best Laser Hair Removal in DC

Unwanted hair, on your face or body, isn’t fun. The constant shaving, the painful ingrown hairs, waxing… it’s madness!

What’s the smartest way to put an end to the madness? Laser hair removal (LHR), and here is how you’ll get the best laser hair removal results in DC!

  • Take the Time for a Consultation

You need to have a talk with your provider about your medical history to make sure LHR is safe for you. This is the time your provider discusses with you how the process works and what you can expect during and after treatment. Have questions about laser hair removal? Now is the time to ask.

  • Be Prepared

To achieve the best laser hair removal results in DC, you should prepare for your appointment. Your provider will give you full pre-treatment instructions during your consultation.

  • Be Realistic About Your Expectations

Laser hair removal isn’t a one-and-done kind of treatment. You need to schedule a series of sessions for optimal results. Individual results vary, and you shouldn’t expect to be 100% hair free after just one or two sessions. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions for optimal results.

  • Timing Is Important

Though anytime is a good time to have LHR, patients tend to have better results if they choose to start laser hair removal during fall or winter months when skin is less exposed to sunlight. Spring or summer is still good for LHR as long as you’re committed to following your aftercare instructions.

Want the Best Laser Hair Removal Results in DC? Choose the Pros at DC Derm Docs!

We safely treat all skin types with laser hair removal and have the satisfied patients to prove it! If you’re ready to enjoy beautifully smooth and healthy skin, give us a call! Schedule your consultation by calling 202-822-9591 today!

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