Remember the trend of microblading your eyebrows? Well, there’s a new trend similar to that where women are tattooing freckles on their face. Both treatments involve adding subtle pigments to the face, so it appears natural. If you have never appreciated your natural freckles before, you’ll begin to as women are now paying to get those freckles you were born naturally with.

Freckle tattooing is a new process that adds scattering of freckles to the face. Freckle tattooing is not just for those who do not have natural freckles. If you want to enhance your natural freckles, the process can do that as well. Many women are getting this procedure done because they want their summer freckles all year around. 

The freckles are semi-permanent and last up to two years before they start fading. If you maintain your freckles and get the treatment done more than once, your freckles will last longer. You have the option of getting a few freckles in a few places or freckles all over your face.

Freckles tend to lighten and darken with sun exposure, so when you tattoo them and they don’t change with sun exposure, it can look strange.

If you’re interested in freckles, but don’t want that semi-permanent look? Consider faux freckles as an alternative. Faux freckles come in sheets like temporary tattoos. You can wash off the freckles easily and  apply freckles to any part of your face.

If you’e considering freckle tattoos or any other cosmetic treatment or tattoo, speak to a Dermatologist first.