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“DC Derm Docs is terrific all around.  Their front desk staff, nurses, estheticians, and doctors are great.  The front desk staff has been super friendly and accommodating every time I’ve dealt with them.  The nurses are professional and sweet.  The esthetician did a great job, and gave great skin care advice.  Dr. Isaacson is a perfectionist, has a great personality, and does a great job.  This practice is highly recommended.”  -Tricia F.

“I went in November for a silk peel and the technician was very pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. My skin looked FABULOUS after the treatment. I highly recommend this.”  -Rebecca M.

“I was unwilling to give up my favorite cosmetic treatment just because the incompetent gargoyles at Radiance made my skin look like I had been thrown on a hot grate, so I went in search of professionals.  

DC Derm Docs was recommended to me by a phenomenal esthetician down at Celadon Spa (they do not do laser hair removal there but the know their stuff!!). I can say with complete confidence that I will go here for this service for as long as they offer it.  If you are considering this service, DC Derm Docs is the way to go.”  -Elena C.

I give DC Derm Docs, and Dr. Marilyn Berzin specifically, my highest recommendation. Here’s why, in a nutshell: – Dr. Berzin is accessible (no long waiting list to get an appointment, and she makes herself available to her patients via telephone). – She is a fantastic doctor (not only did she do a great job on my face, she is also recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as one of DC’s premiere dermatologists and is an associate clinical professor at George Washington University Medical Center). – The medical staff at DC Derm Docs is friendly and professional. – Their medical office is convenient (it’s located two blocks from the Metro Center metro stop, and has a parking garage located in the same building). Dr. Berzin offers a military discount.  -Laura K.

I had my first appointment at DC Derm Docs after I had bought a Groupon for 6 sessions of hair removal.  I had always wanted to try laser hair removal and was looking for a place that was safe, clean, and professional (not a “spa”).  Both Doctors Isaacson and Berzin are not only certified but have been recognized as “top doctors” in the Washingtonian and other sources.  Having done my research, I felt comfortable purchasing the groupon and trying them out.  – Joanna M.

I came here with a Groupon for laser hair removal. The practice is well located in a very nice commercial building and the office is modern and spacious. My technician was friendly and thorough in explaining how the laser worked. The whole treatment was shockingly fast – less than 2 minutes (I was having a small area done). Pain was very minimal, more like moments of being zinged and then it was over. It’s too early for me to tell yet whether it was effective, but I felt I was in good hands with good technology.  -Anne B.

“I bought the groupon for laser hair removal while back. All the techs were friendly and knowledgeable. I never had to wait for more than 2 minutes (even when I was half an hour early). The facility is, as you expect from a professional medical office, VERY clean (I’m starting to become a germophobic after horrible experience at NV laser and Medical Cosmetic Enhancements ( Dr. Drew Varano MD ) who don’t wear gloves!

and did I mention they give you a good deal for touch up sessions (after your 6 session groupon is over).”  -Liz K.