Are you interested in recieving aesthetic treatments for your aging skin? Are you also nervous about getting a treatment without knowing how it would look? Then the new app, AGELESS, may be the solution to your problems.

AGELESS is a mobile app by Galderma, which allows users to visualize how different cosmetic treatments would look on their skin. Using your phone’s camera, the app takes a 3-D picture of your face. After the picture is uploaded, you can try different treatment options, such as Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra, and Dysport, on your face. The app shows a before and after treatment picture, so you can see the difference. You can test different treatments to see how they would look on your skin and save the images to your gallery.

The app offers a lot more than just previewing treatments on your skin. You can see how your face will age within the next five, ten, or twenty years. The app shares educational information about how your face ages over time. As well as, tips on how to spot the signs of aging and prevent aging from happening in the first place. AGELESS also shows different treatment options and recommends treatments for specific aging problems.

That is not all the app does. If you decide to move forward with the treatments, the app tracks your progress and sets reminders for your next appointment. While AGELESS shows you how a treatment would look on your skin, the results you see on the app may vary from the actual results. 

AGELESS could be the solution to start seeing changes in your face.