Are you saying ‘Oops I Did It Again” when it comes to your skincare? We all know the importance of having healthy skin. Yet four common mistakes can lead to acne, dry skin and even wrinkles. Stop those pimples in their tracks by correcting these common skin care mistakes and take back your skin.

  1. Some sunscreen a day keeps the doctor away.

 Sunscreen? Check! Before reaching for your flip-flops and beach towel, keep in mind that sunscreen is not just for a day at a beach. Rain or shine, winter or summer, there are still harsh UV lights that can damage your skin and act as a catalyst for wrinkles. A little bit of sunscreen each day can go a long way in maintaining healthy and young looking skin.

  1. Rub some dirt on it! Or at least, don’t over clean.

Over cleaning your skin can strip away your natural oils that act as a moisturizer. Don’t use this as an excuse to stop washing your face, but be cognizant of the amount of time you spend cleaning and how hard you scrub.

  1. You are what you eat and drink.

Specific foods can target your skin and lead to dehydration and wrinkles. By limiting alcohol, sugar and coffee intake you can play an active role in keeping your skin hydrated and clean. Find the effects of these foods on your skin.

  1. Brush off those brushes.

Although makeup brushes are used as a tool to enhance the beauty of your skin, they can play a role in transferring dirt and makeup build up. The cleanliness of your makeup brushes directly correlates with the cleanliness of your skin. Brush off those brushes and you’re one step closer to clear skin!

By eliminating common skin care mistakes you can proudly display your vibrant and healthy skin. In addition to taking these preventative measures, you should be proactive in your skin care. DC Derm Docs outlines these four simple steps to maintain a healthy face. Take back your skin and confidently put your best face forward.