Lumenis Lightsheer® DUET™

Lumenis Lightsheer® DUET™ is a high-speed hair removal laser which offers a permanent method to removing unwanted hair for men and women. A breakthrough in laser hair removal, this new technology works in a fraction of the time of past procedures and is effective for men and women of all skin color. This new technology reduces treatment time by 75 percent! Lumenis Lightsheer Duet works on larger areas at a faster pace than most laser hair removal systems.

Advantages to the new system include:

  • Pain-free. No need for topical anesthesia.
  • New laser means fewer treatments and lower cost.
  • Works on all skin colors.

Laser Hair Removal offers an alternative to waxing, shaving and electrolysis. These procedures use laser light to remove unwanted hair on your face, arms, legs or anywhere you have hair that you don’t want.

Laser Hair Removal technology has evolved immensely. No matter what skin type you have, our lasers can safely and effectively remove unwanted hair from your face and body with our FDA approved procedures.