Do you want a healthy, glowing face? Your cleanser changes everything! Changing your cleanser can make a world’s difference, when it comes to taking care of your skin. Dr. Marilyn Berzin was featured on Sweet and shares these 4 steps to maintain a healthy, glowing face:

Step No. 1: Address the AcneStep 1

If blemishes tend to plague your complexion, you can help treat them with the right cleanser. “If you are acne-prone, use face washes that have more foam and contain salicylic acid,” says Dr. Marilyn Berzin. “That will help reduce acne and normalize skin.”

Step No. 2: Keep Age in Mind 

Step 2Your skin, and how you care for it, is going to change over time. “If you have young, teenage, and greasy skin, a tougher cleanser is fine to use,” Berzin says. “But as you get older, your complexion gets drier, and a harsh cleanser will strip all of the oils and lipids that are naturally found in your skin, which causes flaking.” Past your teen years? Look for a gentle formula that’s free of detergents, and stay away from pure soaps.

Step No. 3: Get in Touch With Your Sensitive Side Step 3

It’s time to stop ignoring the red rash that pops up every time you cleanse! Instead, tune into what does and doesn’t pair well with your delicate skin. One culprit you can easily scope out is scent. “If you have very sensitive skin, you could be allergic to fragrance,” Berzin says. She also mentions that using cleansers that deviate from your norm – like hotel soaps – can be harmful, especially if you don’t know what’s in them. She advises reading the ingredients before you buy or use anything on your skin to make sure there aren’t too many drying alcohols or irritating fragrances.

Step No. 4: Don’t Overdo It 

Step 4We all want to feel squeaky clean, as society has conditioned us to sanitize ourselves in the face of pollution, sweat, and everyday germs. However, excess cleanliness can be behind your skin issues. “Being whistle-clean can lead to skin getting so dry and flaky that it cracks, which allows bacteria to come in and infect the area,” Berzin says. “Use face wash in moderation, because in some instances you can create more problems for yourself.”


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